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Both legal scholars and philosophers have contributed to the body of published work known as animal law. This field of study includes a century old discussion of man's moral obligations to animals and their common law status as property. More recently, it has evolved to include the recent publication of a case law textbook and scholarly dissertations in support of fundamental rights for nonhuman animals. Legislative and policy making bodies have confronted a myriad of issues from animal cruelty laws to complex international trade agreements that continuously redefine our relationships with animals.

There is a growing recognition of the specialized field of animal law-one that encompasses property, criminal law, nuisance and public policy. Today more law schools offer classes in animal law, including The John Marshall Law School, Harvard, Georgetown University, the University of Vermont and Rutgers. For example, the link between cruelty towards animals and violence to humans has been identified as a growing problem, and has been given serious study by both the scientific and legal communities. Increasing awareness of this issue, especially as it concerns cruelty and abuse to animals by children, may go a long way in implementing appropriate intervention strategies that will prevent future criminal activities that threaten harm to humans and nonhumans alike.

The amazing inventory of materials now available to legal scholars and animal advocates includes books, journals, journal articles and videotapes. As the practice of animal law develops, so too will the body of scholarly work expand to incorporate all aspects of jurisprudence and the applicability of existing laws to animal protection. This first edition of the Bibliography of Animal Law Resources is intended to quickly become obsolete as new scholarship is published and additional resources are brought to our attention. It will be regularly updated through the on-line resources of AnimalLaw.com.

The Bibliography of Animal Law Resources is a project of the International Institute for Animal Law (IIAL). IIAL is an organization founded to promote credible scholarship and advocacy skills on behalf of animals within the legal and legislative arenas. Support for this project, as well as the other on-going efforts of the Institute, was generously provided by a grant from the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS).

We recognize that efforts to advance greater respect and compassion for animals must encompass changes in our system of justice, whether through the courts or legislative bodies. This Bibliography of Animal Law Resources is intended to compliment other joint efforts between IIAL and NAVS, such as the National Research Library for Animal Advocacy at The John Marshall Law School and AnimalLaw.com in promoting advancements in the treatment of animals in all areas of our society. We gratefully acknowledge the leadership and commitment provided by Professor Peter McGovern in overseeing this project.


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